In September, here at the Sustainable and Impact Finance initiative, we launched a new program on Impact Search Funds. In partnership with impact investors Gratitude Railroad, we brought together a team of MBA students and investment professionals to explore how this unique private equity investment vehicle could be leveraged for social impact and sustainable business practices.

Over two sessions, search funds investors, MBA students and impact investors dove into the theoretical and practical aspects of such an effort. Our sessions focused on the opportunities and challenges of adopting an impact lens in this competitive investment market. Discussion questions included:

  • Can…

by Lena Horvath, Haas MBA 2022

Want to build all of the skills you’ll need for a career in impact investing or sustainable finance? There are a ton of MBA course options covering everything from finance and investing to impact measurement to entrepreneurship. And we want to help you take advantage of all that Haas has to offer in this space!

You’ve likely already heard about the electives dedicated to Sustainable and Impact Finance (see more detail here): Haas Impact Fund, Sustainable Investment Fund (and it’s prerequisites: Financial Information Analysis and Sustainable Portfolio Construction), Impact Investing Landscape, New Venture Finance…

By Stu Fram, Haas MBA 2022

While interest in using financial capital as a tool to create positive social and environmental impact has exploded in recent years, one category of investors have been leveraging capital for good since the 1990s: Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). CDFIs are community based, private financial institutions who expand economic opportunity in low-income neighborhoods by providing financial products and services for residents and businesses.

In 2020, CDFIs are playing a vital role in supporting local businesses and organizations impacted by COVID-19.

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Many communities across the US remain critically underserved by traditional financial systems. CDFIs fill…

Exploring Additionality in Sustainable Investing @ Sorenson

By Riely White, Haas MBA 2020

I had come to the Winter Innovation Summit with the goal of exploring additionality in sustainable finance, something my classmates and I had been wrestling with over the past couple of months.

I wanted to better understand how leaders in the field were thinking about their investments — was their goal simply to invest in companies that weren’t doing harm or was the goal to put money behind companies whose products or services were positively impacting our communities and our planet?

The UN Development Goals — global guidelines for impact

Midway through the Sorenson Winter Innovation…

By Dalton Guthrie, Haas MBA 2020

Attending the Sorenson Winter Innovation Summit provided me a unique opportunity to explore a number of topics related to impact investing and social impact at large. This past summer I interned with Third Sector Capital Partners, one of the nonprofits that has led the adoption of Social Impact Bonds and Pay For Success projects in the United States.

At the conference I attended a panel breakout on Pay For Success that reflected on lessons from the past decade and potential for the movement in the next decade.

Dalton Guthrie MBA 2020 joined students from across the US at the Sorenson Winter Innovation Summit

The panelists and audience members of the…

Sustainable & Impact Finance @ Berkeley Haas

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