Course Guide: Skill Building for Impact Investing

by Lena Horvath, Haas MBA 2022

Want to build all of the skills you’ll need for a career in impact investing or sustainable finance? There are a ton of MBA course options covering everything from finance and investing to impact measurement to entrepreneurship. And we want to help you take advantage of all that Haas has to offer in this space!

You’ve likely already heard about the electives dedicated to Sustainable and Impact Finance (see more detail here): Haas Impact Fund, Sustainable Investment Fund (and it’s prerequisites: Financial Information Analysis and Sustainable Portfolio Construction), Impact Investing Landscape, New Venture Finance and Impact Investing Practicum (next offered Spring 2022).

But you might be wondering: what other classes should I take?

Maybe you’re coming from an impact background and are eager to learn more about the investing side of things. Or maybe you’re coming from a more traditional finance background and are looking for a deeper understanding of impact. Or maybe you are still exploring and want to learn about everything. No matter what, there is a class for you!

We’ve summarized some of the courses offered in Spring 2021 that relate to impact, entrepreneurship, and investing. Our goal is to give an overview of the offerings to help you as you make your bidding and enrollment decisions.

Click here for our course list!

Included is a description of each course, skills the course teaches that are relevant for impact investing careers, and suggestions of career paths that might benefit from the course material, as well as logistical details (course code, instructor, date/time of meeting, number of units) for the course.

Courses are grouped into 5 categories:

  1. Impact Entrepreneurship

Feel free to scroll through, jump to an interesting category, or use keywords to search for courses relevant to career paths and/or skills of interest. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Impact investor

See our list of courses relevant for all different backgrounds and careers in impact investing here.